Saturday, April 11, 2015

Independence Day 2.0: The Exponential Shift No One Is Talking About

You can hear some of the most respected minds in Economics say it. 

You can wander into a 'conspiracy theory' niche on the internet and get bombarded by it. 

They all say with heart felt intent and patriotic concern the same thing. 

They say that the American Dream is over. It has been hijacked by the 'Illuminati' or by the 1 percent of the one percent or by Wall Street, or by shape shifting aliens, whatever... 

And on the horizon, they all say, is a bond market bubble that is going to burst and what follows is The Apocolypse. 

Inflation and deflation will unite to make the hyper inflation of Wiemar Germany look like an Armageddon Disneyland for America where cats and dogs get along and all nature of bad things happen.

No one is talking about America's meteoric rise to energy independence. This exponential shift was not ordained by the policies of the Left of Right. Bush or Obama had nothing to do with these numbers.

It is an awesome, engaging almost biblical story for anyone who cares take a look. 

It is the story of a worldwide trend in where the Middle Class is decoupling from Federalism. It is where States, counties and small business entrepreneurs are using a plain ol' geter done mind set to rework world markets once thought to be the domain of the untouchable few.

Numbers don't lie. 

Independence Day 2.0!


Don't know but it's exciting as all heck!!!

Stay tuned.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cowboyistan: How American Good Ol' Boys Are Kicking OPEC Butt

America is doing what many market analysts only a few years ago would have said was impossible.

Not only are we again the World Champion Oil Producer of all time but the tidal wave of oil production across 3 'fracking' regions in the US have surpassed the output capacity of all but 2 OPEC members states.

How is this possible? 

Welcome to Cowboyistan.

The differentiator says fracking pioneer Harold Hamm, is the Three R’s: Rigs, Rednecks and Rights.

“We’ve got more rigs running than in the rest of the world combined. We’ve got highly trained and reliable rednecks to run them. And unlike anywhere else on the planet, we’ve got property rights, which enable landowners to lease out their acreage and receive royalties for their trouble. That’s what sets us apart.”

What does this mean for the long term?

Hamm believes the USA can over time become the most important oil-producing country on planet earth, usurping the throne from Saudi Arabia and the OPEC oil cartel.

Giddup! Yee Haw!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Invest In Oil - American Small Business On The Move

King Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz in 2002
King Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz in 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For those thinking about investing in oil.

The Petro-Dollar, what is it?

How did it come to be?

May sound like a simple question but it's an amazing story which has ramifications that reverberate today.

Legend has it that back in the day French President Charles de Gaulle didn't trust America's elite.

He decided to trade dollars for gold. This action sent a wave through the market as others followed, and as a result, President Nixon killed the gold standard for the US dollar.

What followed was Henry Kissinger supposedly went to Saudi Arabia and said 'Hey... We've got the guns. You have the oil. Let's do this thing...' And the petrodollar was born. As a result, Saudi Arabia, OPEC, and the rest of the world accepted the US’s request and started using US dollars for all oil sales.

But today, American small business with it's unbridled ingenuity is taking US oil land that was once left for dead and is bringing it back to life through recent technological advances.

It looks as if American entrepreneurs have quietly overthrown the 1 percent in a silent revolution that has made America the number ONE oil producer of the world again.

And this very fact begs the question: Is this mid-east turmoil we see with Al-Queda, ISIS, ISIL or whoever, an organic occurrence of mid east instability or is it a last ditch effort organised by the few in an attempt to avert the middle class and American Dream from re-igniting?

Saudi Arabia has to borrow money?

Things on the world stage are changing rapidly.

This story of how small business made the USA top Oil producer of the world again is so fascinating once you dig in it's hard to let go.

God Bless America.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Oil and Gas Investing Knowledge Base: The Horizontal Drilling Method

For anyone thinking about investing in oil or gas it is necessary to be educated and informed about the industry you may decide to invest in.

There is an American Renaissance happening in the extraction and production of oil and natural gas from the ground. It comes from the advances made from horizontal drilling technology which was invented in the USA and has been refined to an art form over the past few decades.

It is this advancement that is responsible for America returning to the top tier as one of the World's best performing natural gas and oil producers.

This video gives us a full 3D journey into the process and gives the investor food for thought when embarking on the due diligence necessary to make the proper investment choices.

Kiyosaki Mania: Investing In Gas and Oil Producing Wells


Robert Kiyosaki hosts a captivating radio show which discusses investing in oil but making investments in ways you may have not thought of before. The theme of this program is a discussion of the advantages of investing in actual physical oil producing wells as opposed to investing into a oil stocks.

It's straight talk conducted so any lay person who may not have finance or investment experience can understand.

For example at 6:20 the discussion goes as follow

Q:Let's say I'm the average guy and I've never invested in a producing well. How do I know which company to turn to and (which one) not to trust.

A: Well you have to build a relationship with them, Kim and for example our company we have about 50 employees. We have a full staff of geologists and engineers. I like to consider oil and gas as kind of like real estate in these unconventional plays because they cover such vast areas. But you have to know which neighborhoods to invest in, in real estate. Same thing in oil and gas. You have to know where the better areas are and that only comes from with working with a company that has basically been in an area for a while and understands the play itself.

Q: Tom, how would you check out an oil company?

A: Thanks for asking. We see clients who don't do their due diligence. They don't investigate... Seriously, the oil industry is an interesting industry. Their a bunch of cowboys. And alot of them will just run off with your money. You have to be very careful. First of all, 'who are you investing with?' Like you say Robert. You can't do a good deal with a bad partner. The oil well can look terrific but if they are going to run off with our money it's not a good deal.

Want to stop Iran’s nukes? Use less oil

Petrodollars have been financing Teheran’s nuclear program for almost two decades

from The Times of Israel 

Energy Crisis: Tribe's Brief Constrain, Uncomfortable for Obama

Oil and gas investments along with coal have been plagued for years with a factor of fear which is unique to the energy sector. Has any other commodity ever been disparaged and demonized they way fossil fuels have? The stories of global warming, homeless polar bears and baby seals along with the end of life as we know it are relentless.

Official photographic portrait of US President...
Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Just as fierce are public policy advocates such as Lord Monckton who document and publish data which proposes that the theory in which CO2 emissions effect climate is unsupported by scientific fact. And it is their mission at  the Science and Public Policy Institute to 'support the advancement of sensible public policies rooted in rational science and economics'.

But the fun doesn't stop there. The greenhouse gas debate has a recent added, almost Soap-Opera-like dimension to it. The dramatic outcome of which could have far reaching implication for coal, oil and gas investment and the entire energy sector. 

Laurence H. Tribe, still talks about of the POTUS as a proud teacher would of a star student, “He was one of the most amazing research assistants I’ve ever had.” However many Democrats and prominent members on the Liberal Left see Tribe as a traitor

Mr. Tribe 73 the highly regarded liberal scholar of constitutional law, has been retained by Peabody Energy, the nation’s largest coal company, in its quest to block an Environmental Protection Agency regulation that would reduce CO2 emissions from coal-fired power plants — the heart of Mr. Obama’s climate change agenda.

Mr. Tribe argues in a brief for the case that in requiring states to cut carbon emissions, the E.P.A. is asserting executive power far beyond its lawful authority under the Clean Air Act and likened the climate change policies of Mr. Obama to “burning the Constitution.”

One can expect that this fight over the E.P.A. regulations will take years and eventually go before the Supreme Court. If it does, Mr. Tribe may play a role in that case as well.

You can read all the juicy tid bits in the full New York Times article here.