Saturday, April 11, 2015

Independence Day 2.0: The Exponential Shift No One Is Talking About

You can hear some of the most respected minds in Economics say it. 

You can wander into a 'conspiracy theory' niche on the internet and get bombarded by it. 

They all say with heart felt intent and patriotic concern the same thing. 

They say that the American Dream is over. It has been hijacked by the 'Illuminati' or by the 1 percent of the one percent or by Wall Street, or by shape shifting aliens, whatever... 

And on the horizon, they all say, is a bond market bubble that is going to burst and what follows is The Apocolypse. 

Inflation and deflation will unite to make the hyper inflation of Wiemar Germany look like an Armageddon Disneyland for America where cats and dogs get along and all nature of bad things happen.

No one is talking about America's meteoric rise to energy independence. This exponential shift was not ordained by the policies of the Left of Right. Bush or Obama had nothing to do with these numbers.

It is an awesome, engaging almost biblical story for anyone who cares take a look. 

It is the story of a worldwide trend in where the Middle Class is decoupling from Federalism. It is where States, counties and small business entrepreneurs are using a plain ol' geter done mind set to rework world markets once thought to be the domain of the untouchable few.

Numbers don't lie. 

Independence Day 2.0!


Don't know but it's exciting as all heck!!!

Stay tuned.